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  • Prosecco creation charmat Italian

    How Prosecco is made

    Using the Italian Method, or Charmat method, the process of making Prosecco goes like this…

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    Prosecco location North East Italy

    Where is Prosecco

    The Prosecco region lies in North-East Italy, in the beautiful areas of Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia, where tradition, family values and conservation are held in high regard.

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    Different types of prosecco

    Understanding different types of Prosecco

    Let me introduce you to our elegant and versatile friend Prosecco, a symbol of quality, success and the Italian lifestyle. Italy’s leading wine export is shipped off to almost 100 countries worldwide and has experienced a recent popularity explosion in the UK, with sales up over 50% from 2013 to 2014. Everybody is drinking it – but how much do you know about it?

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    Prosecco understanding

    Understanding quality levels

    Before 2009, “Prosecco” was the name of a particular grape variety. Since new regulations were brought into force, that grape has reverted to its former title – Glera – and Prosecco became, like Champagne, the name of a region with clear limits. 

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    Prosecco food pairings

    Characteristics & Food pairings

    Prosecco is all about youthful freshness and elegant simplicity. The emphasis is on primary aromas – forthright aromas of fruit and flowers, often apple and pear but also citrus, stone fruits, wisteria or roses. Because the wines are aged in large tanks with less pressure, Prosecco bubbles are delicately light, frothy and spritzy, with less persistence than other sparkling wines.

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    how to open, serve and store prosecco

    How to...

    Store: Prosecco should be stored in a cool, dry place with a constant temperature, away from light and heat. No need to lay it down, you can keep the bottles upright. Best drunk when it’s young and fresh, preferably within 2 years.

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