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  • How Prosecco is Made

  • Using the Italian Method, or Charmat method, the process of making Prosecco goes like this…

    • Glera grapes are harvested early to retain a high level of crisp acidity
    • The grapes are de-stemmed and pressed
    • The ‘base wine’ is produced by a short  fermentation of 8-10 days, which keeps the fruitiness in
    • Other grape varieties, plus yeast and sugars, are then added
    • For about 3 months a second fermentation happens in large steel tanks called autoclaves. The yeast feeds on the sugars and creates carbon dioxide, which gives the wine that fabulous fizz!
    • Some fresh wine and sugar syrup is added at the end. Ta-da! Prosecco is born.

    Grape Varieties

    At least 85% of the grapes that go into your Prosecco must be of the Glera variety, a hardy vine indigenous to the region. Other local grape varieties are added for balance:

    • Verdiso – for acidity and zest
    • Perera – for perfume
    • Bianchetta – for mellowness

    Pinot, Chardonnay and Glera Lunga are also allowed into the mix!

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