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  • How To...

  • …Store

    Prosecco should be stored in a cool, dry place with a constant temperature, away from light and heat. No need to lay it down, you can keep the bottles upright. Best drunk when it’s young and fresh, preferably within 2 years.

  • …Open

    Firstly, pull the tab to remove the foil. Prepare to unscrew the wire cage – bear in mind that once the cage is unscrewed, the cork can potentially come loose, so keep your thumb over the top and angle the bottle away from yourself and guests! Don’t fully remove the cage, just unscrew it. While gripping the cork (use a tea towel or similar if you wish), turn and gently pull the bottle itself to release the cork. Listen for the hiss, and have the glasses close to hand!

  • …Serve

    In a Prosecco glass (specifically designed for the purpose by Riedel). Or use a fairly large, tulip shaped glass in order to fully appreciate the aromas. Best served between 7 and 10 degrees, don’t forget that the glass warms the wine by 2 degrees so chill a couple of degrees lower.

  • …Recognise real Prosecco

    The government-issued state mark and seal guarantees the quality. Found on the back of the bottle neck, this will include the letters DOC or DOCG, and a 12 character code which traces the wine back to its production.

    …Read The Label

    • DOC/DOCG – registered designation of origin/guarantee
    • Produtto in Italia – made in Italy
    • Fascetta di Stato – state mark and seal
    • Spumante/Frizzante – sparkling/semi-sparkling