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        • Perlage Animae Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG (no added sulphites)

          Animae Brut is the first Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG from organic agriculture without sulphites added. Making a sulphite-free spumante has always been considered hard (almost impossible). In fermentation the yeasts produce by themselves small quantities of sulphites. The still wines, which have just one fermentation, are relatively easy to manage; the second fermentation used to create spumante means that using the regular yeast, the natural sulphites end up higher.
          The Perlage team solved this through collaboration with the Oliver Ogar company, using advanced lab methods and unique technical advice in choosing a low sulphite production yeast. Having no sulphites, Animae makes the real soul of the Prosecco DOCG come out, with its full primary aromas, the pristine expression of the grapes and all the intensity of a bouquet that arrives from the vineyard to the glass, straight and with no external influence. Another feature of Animae is the extremely low sugar level (3 g/l) that makes it very dry! Pair with a strong-flavoured risotto or roasted fish.  ABV 11%

          - Perlage Animae Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG (no added sulphites) 12 in stock