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  • Understanding Different Types of Prosecco

  • Let me introduce you to our elegant and versatile friend Prosecco, a symbol of quality, success and the Italian lifestyle. Italy’s leading wine export is shipped off to almost 100 countries worldwide and has experienced a recent popularity explosion in the UK, with sales up over 50% from 2013 to 2014. Everybody is drinking it – but how much do you know about it?

    Varieties of Prosecco

    3 types of Prosecco wine are produced:

    Tranquillo: The still wine of the region, least known, rarely exported and making up only 1% of total production.

    Frizzante: A lightly sparkling beauty which stops forming bubbles soon after it is poured (due to a shorter second fermentation). Frizzante makes up 39% of total production.

    Spumante: The most popular and widely produced style at 60% of total production, this is the full-on sparkling version – those bubbles just keep on coming!


    Within the Spumantes there are 3 varieties with differing sweetness levels and rather confusing names!

    Brut: The driest. Up to 12 grams per litre of residual sugar after bottling, if you want to get technical. The most modern of the Prosecco wines.

    Extra Dry: In the middle – NOT the driest – best described as “off-dry”. 12-17g sugar per litre. This is the traditional version.

    Dry: The sweetest – 17-32g sugar per litre – and least widespread.